DARUMA is a long-standing musical project by Grenoble guitarist Julien Pelloux. His dream was from his youth to start a metal band. But so far his musical journey had taken him to other worlds.

This old dream has now come true thanks to Elodie Buchonnet (vocals, flutes and keyboards), Cédric Stoeckel (rhythm guitar), Pascal Mesquida (bass), Loic Jaillet (keyboards) and Tristan Rota (drums).

Already 3 hours of music composed, arranged and recorded, and soon a double album, the first opus to launch the adventure !

Difficult to describe precisely the style of DARUMA, because multiple influences run through it. Rock in the broad sense, progressive (Pink floyd, Dream theater, ELP, Tai phong), heavy metal (Iron maiden, Metallica), Power metal with mystical and symphonic touches (Angra, Shaman, Helloween, Nightwish, Blind guardian), more  »heavy » elements (Sepultura, Amon amarth) and atmospheric touches as well as folk, medieval and traditional (Celtic, Asian, Andean …)

A beautiful musical journey in perspective therefore, and as Japanese custom dictates (DARUMA being a traditional figurine with one eye painted to make a wish …), all that remains is to hope that the band’s music will please you !